Friday, January 30, 2009

Jack Layton is at least three steps ahead of us all!

So, shortly after the November 2008 Economic Update, Jack Layton organized an impromptu coalition opposition with the Bloc and Liberals. Except that it turns out he had actually organized it "long before", possibly even before losing the election, or at least shortly after. We know this because a Conservative MP was invited to the conference call and recorded Jack explaining the whole thing.

Now, just this week, Jack Layton's NDP started running radio attack ads against the Liberals. Clearly, it takes more than a few days to put together a website, never mind write and produce radio ads.

The only conclusion I can reach is that, even before losing the election last fall, Jack Layton began crafting this negative ad campaign against the Liberals. He knew that Dion and Duceppe would join the coalition, then Harper would prorogue parliament, then Dion would get replaced by Ignatieff, then Ignatieff would decide to support the Conservatives! The guy obviously has some kind of crystal ball!

And you thought he was an idiot!

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