Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Those crazy CTV kids!

So, a few weeks after totally humiliating Stephane Dion, those crazy kids at CTV decided to have fun with another Liberal.

Here's a transcript (from memory) of a bit of an interview with Paul Martin, about his new book, Hell or High Water:

Reporter: In your book, your comments on the sponsorship scandal were: "Jean Chretien left me a time bomb" and "a big mess in my lap".

Paul Martin: Those are your words, not mine.

Reporter: No, it's from your book.

Paul Martin: Oh, in that case, I'm glad you read my book.

Good for you, CTV, for not sugar-coating some of the idiotic things Liberals say.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congratulations to Peter Braid!

As I write this, Peter Braid is leading Andrew Telegdi in Kitchener-Waterloo riding by only 100 or so votes. Even if he doesn't quite make it, he needs to be commended on doing so well against Telegdi, who has owned this riding since 1993.

Congratulations, Peter!

Even if you don't wind up beating Telegdi, you've done an amazing job running against him, and I think you should get another shot next time!