Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Say goodbye to Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae too!

So, in the 2006 election, the Liberal party's anointed god-king, Paul Martin, crashes and burns at the polls. Paul Martin won his seat, then chose, for the most part, not to sit in it. Yes -- he's still an MP!

Anyway, it was time for a Liberal leadership race. The A-Team for leaders, with people such as Bill Graham, John Manley and Brian Tobin, decided to sit this one out. They sized up Stephen Harper and decided that they didn't want a fair fight, so they just whistled and looked around whenever the topic of Liberal leader came up.

So that left the B-Team, with people like Ralph Goodale, Sheila Copps and Scott Brison. They took one look at Stephen Harper and quietly shit their pants. If the big names are sitting this one out, then why wouldn't they? Besides, they're still young, and they can wait an election or three before making a bid for Liberal leader.

But at the end of the day, someone had to be leader. It was all up to the C-Team:

1. Michael Ignatieff, the blowhard from Harvard, who hadn't even lived in Canada for 25 years. He probably figured, hell, how hard can it be to sit as an MP? At least he wouldn't have to mark any more papers.

2. Bob Rae, the former Ontario Premier, and probably one of the most hated men that Ontario ever produced. It's going on 20 years now, and people still talk about Rae days! Union people! Bob Rae pissed off the unions so much that to this day, the CAW still supports the Liberals. Can you imagine the fun that the media could have had with that? I mean, if they weren't such humourless leftists. The man ran a labour party that lost the labour vote!

3. Finally, Stephane Dion. Jean Chretien's environment minister! Except that Chretien never had any intention of implementing Kyoto, so naming Dion as environment minister was on par with telling him to "pull my finger."

4. OK, one more: Martha Hall Findlay. She seemed to be quite intelligent and capable, which really doesn't go as far as you think in Liberal circles. And the Liberals, like their Democrat brethren, are obviously just not ready for a female leader.

The leadership battle was on! Close to 1/3 favoured Ignatieff, and almost another 1/3 favoured Rae, while a little more than 1/3 hated Ignatieff and Rae equally. The delicious irony of the Liberal's decidedly un-democratic delegate system allowed Dion to triumph by collecting just over 1/3 of the Ignatieff/Rae haters!

Any way, I've wandered a bit. The point of this post is that when the Liberals get trounced on October 14, Dion will be looking for a job. And so will Ignatieff and Rae! I don't know if the B-Team or the A-Team will step up, but either way, the C-Team is history.

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mvanlamz said...

So far, Michael Ignatieff has managed to confound my prediction that he was history by becoming leader of the Liberals.

I do note, however, that he has neither won a leadership contest, nor an election.