Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don Martin hates Stephen Harper

Okay, Don, we get it! You hate him! Are you still burned over your girlfriend, Belinda Stronach, losing the leadership contest to Harper? Because, dude, she wasn't really your girlfriend. She's totally into married hockey players.

I only need a headline and the first few words of a column to know that it's Don Martin laying into Stephen Harper again. Today's example: Harper looks to woo soccer moms

I guess Don Martin crossed the floor to the Liberals the same day that Belinda did. He's now using 'soccer mom' as some sort of insult. So any moms out there with kids in soccer should take note: Don Martin thinks you're all losers. Apparently, he also thinks Tim Hortons customers are losers too, saying that Harper's recent moves are catering to "Tim Hortons sensibilities".

From where I'm sitting, there's nothing wrong with driving your kids to play soccer, and picking up something at Tim Horton's on the way back. But then again, I'm not trying to impress Belinda Stronach, and I'm guessing that Stephen Harper isn't either. I think that Don Martin has confused 'catering' with 'appropriately serving the interests of Canadians.'

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